Bespoke Individual Holidays

In ‘Escapedia’, we truly believe in “The deeper the journey, the richer the experience, the greater the reward”.

With a vision to create memories that lasts a lifetime, our holidays are highly personalized with attention to detail. To us life’s great luxuries come from turning its simplest pleasures into something exceptional. Whether you’re looking for meaningful time with your loved ones or the chance to reconnect with yourself, returning to the wild or meeting fascinating people with different stories to tell, we design journeys for those who wish to rediscover, reconnect and take part in something bigger. Above all, we take you on journeys that get you under the skin of the place you’re visiting, and that connect you with local people, cultures and customs.

Corporate Travel Solution

At ‘Escapedia’, we understand the unique and complex nature of evolving corporate travel of every size, industry and geographic location.

That’s why we design highly customised travel solutions based on your business’s specific travel needs and objectives. Whether you’re a Global Enterprise, National Corporate or fast-growing start-up, we can deliver a TMS (Travel Management Solution) that will deliver on your goals.

Visa, Insurance, Car Rentals & Ancillary Services

With an aim to provide complete travel solution for Corporates & individuals alike, we offer visa, insurance, car rentals and other ancillary services such as International train booking, International cab services & Airport Lounge passes.